The study examined advertisement as substance mechanism for mass media in Nigeria, using OSBC and Punch newspaper as case study. Without doubt no mass media can survive without the availability of commercials or advertisement to generate revenue for the running of the mass media. In fact, private broadcast media is not different to that of private industry which is establish with the objective of making profit. Therefore, for mass media industry especially broadcast organizations to make money and to survive in the long run, they must have constant sources or streams of revenue. Critical reviews to related literature were made. Relevant theories were used to gratify the study. Quantitative research design was used in which cross-sectional survey method was adopted while the data collection instrument was questionnaire. Findings have shown that geographical location do affect the number and price of commercials they generate on a daily basis. And that mass media located in Lagos will have commercials more than one located in Eripa, Osun state. In short the economy of an environment tells on the commercials of mass media.   Finally, it is recommended that broadcast media should not because of it efforts in surviving engage unnecessarily in commercializing most of their airtime and space. More companies should be established in the country to increase the number of commercials in the country through which mass media can get most of their means of surviving.

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