The research examines the photo visibility craze among social media participants among University of Lagos (UNILAG students).  Social media has remained a platform for interaction, communication, and sharing of photos facilitated by the emergence of smartphone that offers “selfie”. Survey research method was adopted in which 200 copies of questionnaires were administered and 192 were retrieved and analysed using frequency and percentage. Findings show that 100% of the respondents use social media with many of them have at least 3 to 5 years experience. Also, the most visited social media platforms include and with their engagement dwells on information getting, chatting and making friends. Also, majority of the respondents (95.8%) share lots of photo on social media to a high extent especially on the instagram (57.3%) followed by the facebook 34.9%. Though, the photos ranged from personal, group and to special event photos. It is recommended that social media users should be conscious of what they share as photos online because it goes with their privacy. Also, cocial media users need to understand why they are joining the social media particularly facebook and instagram in the first place so that they would not be overcome by any negative impacts but rather use these sites for maximum benefit.

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