The research examined audience perception of Lacasera soft drink advertisement using Madona University Okija, Anambra state as a case study. The research was also aimed at finding out if Madona University students are influenced by television commercials of Lacasera. The research design for the study was survey research, the scope of the survey research was limited to a sample of 120 respondents drawn from students of the institution using purposive sampling method (non-probability method). The theory that led support to this study was cultivation analysis and persuasion theory, and Advertising: Strong and Weak Theory etc. According to this theory mass media (Television) is responsible for shaping or cultivating viewers’ conception of social reality. Finding from the study shows that majority of the respondents were exposed to Lacasera on television set. It is recommended that advertising should be real and interesting so as to call and retain prospective buyers for the advertised product.

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