Language is one of the powerful tools in conveying message to the targeted audience including drama messages. In fact, drama language to some extent determines its audience. Although, action and subtitle do lots in passing dramatic message. Survey research method was used with 150 copies of questionnaires were administered to 150 selected respondents in which 145 copies of questionnaires were returned and analysed. The frequency and percentage method of data analysis was used coupled with table. Findings show that that pidgin English influenced their viewing habit averagely while people still prefer, understand and satisfy with drama message in non-English language such as in Pidgin English and indigenous language but Multi-ethnic nature of Nigeria warranted the use of pidgin English. It was recommended that NTA should as a matter of fact need to cater for local audience by creating more community NTA stations where the drama and other programme in English can be converted into pidgin and  indigenous language of the people in the area.

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