Influence of Television in Promoting Igbo Culture

In the 52 years since the introduction of Television in Nigeria, concern over the influence and role of television on the people’s culture has taken a national dimension. In spite of the great advantages of television, concerns have been on its role in re-shaping the people’s culture. This research “Promoting Igbo Cultural Heritage: An Audience Evaluation of ABS Television Channels 24 & 27 programming in Anambra State”, is meant to investigate the contributions of ABS in promoting Igbo culture through its programmes from the standpoint ofits audience. This study investigated the programming of ABS Television Channels 24 & 27 in promoting Igbo Cultural Heritage. The heoretical perspective of the study was anchored on the Cultural Norm Theory. This study was designed as a survey and the multi-stage sampling technique was used to select a total of 350 respondents drawn from the four major towns in Anambra State namely Awka, Onitsha, Nnewi and Ekwulobia. The chi-square (Goodness of Fit) test was used to test the three hypotheses formulated for the study. The findings show that the people are exposed to ABS Television programming and that ABS Television Channels 24 & 27 have programmes geared towards the promotion of Igbo culture. It was also found that ABS Television Channels 24 & 27 do not give enough time to Igbo programmes. Based on these findings, the study concluded that ABS Television promotes Igbo Culture through its channels 24 & 27 located at Awka and Onitsha respectively. The study recommended the introduction of more Igbo programmes and allocation of more time to Igbo programming. It also recommended that the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) assist in re-directing our stations to this task of promoting the people’s culture.

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