Influence of Television on Voting Pattern of Electorates

The core objective of this research is to examine the Influence of television on Voting Pattern of Electorates. It is observed that television plays a very crucial role in Nigeria political process and development. Through television programmes and other activities, electorate and other stakeholders were enlightened, mobilized and participated. It was through the television political information such as voting method, how to dress at the polling unit, how to use PVC readers among other things. Quantitative research design was used in which cross-sectional survey method was adopted while the data collection instrument was questionnaire. 150 copies of questionnaire were printed and distributed to the respondents within DRTV areas. The data were analyzed using table, frequency and percentage method. Findings have shown that the role of (TV) mass media in political activities particularly in mobilizing and educating electorate cannot be over emphasized. Mass media especially radio provides avenue for the illiterate citizen to get information about political activities. It was recommended that television stations should as a matter of necessity ensure objectivity in their report and create platform for political discussion.

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