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ABSTRACT: The research is set out to examine the role of public relations in a manufacturing company with a focus the chi-limited Lagos. It is noted that well established Public Relations practice go a long way in creating unimaginable reputation for an organisation. Survey research method with questionnaire a tool for data collection was used coupled with accidental sampling technique. Frequency and percentage method of data analysis was used with tables. Findings show that PR of Chi-Limited provides adequate feedback and platform to manage the ply and complaints this which has enhanced customer satisfaction and mutual understanding and it also use social media/ ICT in facilitating effective communication between and among the internal and external publics of chi-limited. It was recommended that Public Relations Unit should be more creative and innovative in design new approach to solve every challenge and device new tactics that can facilitate performance.

Keywords: Manufacturing Company


1.0       Introduction

1.1       Background to the Study

It is observed that the aim of any business organization is to achieve growth, increase in turn over, assets and profit. But all of these are depend on the goodwill of the organization’s various publics. Olayinka (2013) writes that goodwill is secured not so much as a result of the organization’s mere existence but as the sustained strategic planning, execution and evaluation of the perception of their publics in relation to the organization.

No matter how small or big a company is; it needs the service (s) of public relations. Apart from profit making organization, non-commercial organization and individual(s) can use public relations so far it deals with people (big or small) one way or the other such require the use of public relations to build, maintain and sustain its reputation in the public domain and to enhance good image and understanding among bodies that it dealing with.  

Therefore, public relations is an all-embracing concept that pervades the entire management process of today’s commercial and non-commercial organizations or institutions. It is largely a social philosophical and practical concept based on the premise that people matter and that for environment of the modern society it must be seen as adequately addressing itself to the peculiar needs and interests of all with whom it deals. According to British Institute of Public Relations (BIPR) cited in Arowosegbe (2005:1) defines public relations as the deliberate, planned and sustained effort to establish and maintain mutual understanding between an organization and its publics.

Public relations is an effort that deliberate or intentional not retroactive neither is it as fire bridge exercise sustained. The aim of the effort is to establish and maintain mutual understanding. It involves two ways of communication system and effect so that an organization may understand the public and the public(s) also understand the company. It implies a kind of social responsibility on the part of an organization making it to deliberate and continuously undertakes course of action that are in its public best interest.

Going by the view of Sam Black, a Professor of Public Relations and Former President of the International Public Relations Associations on what should be the definition of public relations, cited in Ewuola (2005) he posit that “ public relations is the establishment of two way communication to resolve conflicts of interests by seeking common grounds or areas of mutual interest and the establishment of understanding  based on truth, knowledge and full information”. It is against this background that the research examines the role of public relations in a manufacturing company with a particular focus on Chi-Limited. 

1.2       Statement of the Problems

Public relations in many multinational companies like chi-vita pay attention to advertisement campaign and did not fully commitment to consumer-centric approach to business as the company focuses on product offerings with strategic marketing and sales initiatives. The question now is to what extent has chi-vita company promotes customers goodwill and mutual understanding through public relation efforts. 

Because TGI Group endeavoring to create wealth and well being – with opportunities for growth and development there is need for constant interaction between the stakeholders, investors, end consumers and indeed everyone. The research further observe that management in company such as TGI groups neither recognizes nor appreciate public relations efforts in building and projecting corporate image and good reputation because they don’t want to spend money on public relations activities like advertising campaign believing that it brings little impact of company It is against this backdrop that the research is gear towards examining the role of public relations in a manufacturing company with a particular focus on Chi-Limited public relations programmes.

1.3       Objectives of the Study

  1. To examine the contributions of public relations Unit/department to the development and profitability of Chi-Limited.
  2. To determine some of the techniques that Chi-Limited can adopt in enhancing customer satisfaction and mutual understanding.

1.4       Research Questions

  1. To what extent does public relations Unit/department contribute to the development and profitability of Chi-Limited?
  2. What techniques has Chi-Limited adopt in enhancing customer satisfaction and mutual understanding?

1.5     Scope of the study

The scope of study has been limited to Chi-Limited, Lagos because studying TGI groups  will be too difficult if not impossible and its internal and external publics in Lagos. The demographic factors of the respondents will be studied before the structuring and administration of the research instrument (questionnaire). Such factors include but not limited to age, gender, marital status, education e.t.c

1.6     Significance of the Study

At the end of this study the following category of people will benefit from the findings of this study.

Different organizations will know the benefits of public relations through the result of the findings and how they can use PR for their gain. 

Future researchers who will be researching into the area related to this topic will find this work relevant as a reference material.

Public relations students and mass communication students will as well understand the importance of their course of study to the industrial development.

The researcher may after some recommendations that will help to ensure an adequate and effective use of public relations as a tool for business promotions.

Moreover, this work will also serve as a working tool for Chief Executives and managers in the manufacturing sectors; this piece of work will actually form a basis for further development and as well contribute to the existing knowledge in the area of product marketing.

1.7 Operational Definition of the Study

Public relations: It refers to the activity of keeping good relationship between an organization and the publics.

Public Relations Programmes: It refers to some of the PR activities that helps build good image, reputation and enhance mutual understanding between and among chi-limited publics such as effective communication.

Chi-Limited: This is a part of the TGI conglomerate, with diverse business interests in everything from food to healthcare and engineering products.

Industrial Harmony: This is an effort of PR to enhance peaceful co-existence in an organization.


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