The research set out to examine the advent and the use of Modern Communication Gadgets: Implication for Nigeria Journalism. The study was anchored on Mediamorphosis Theory and Technological Determination Theory. Theories emphasising that as we move from old technology to the new ones, new technology influences the way we do things. A cross-sectional survey research method was used while the data collection instrument for this study was questionnaire. 100 respondents were purposively selected from the Nigerian Union of Journalists, NUJ Chapel Amambra state.  Finding showed that, news reading, gathering and dissemination, sound and audio editing, jingles and other related commercials are some of the areas in which the impact of modern technologies have been felt in broadcasting media and print media. Finding also indicated that modern communication technologies make journalism practice more lively and interactive, make news gathering and dissemination faster, help reduce human efforts and time, and also make the media more productive. Therefore, for media organizations to fully appreciate the impact of modern technology in performing its duties, there is need to ensure adequate training of members of staff, find a solution to epileptic power supply, and also avoid the transmission of false and unverified stories culled from online media.

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