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Sources of Literature Review for Project

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Primarily, sources of Literature for Review is often divided into two (2) which are primary and secondary sources. for the purpose of this post, the sources are combine. however, you can use the link to see the different source.  Literature are documented or recorded studies usually in the past that are related and relevant to a particular study at hand. Literature review implies consulting available literature to learn.

  1. Textbooks
  2. Peer review journals
  3. Newspapers
  4. Magazines
  5. online blogs
  6. social media pages
  7. documentary broadcast programmes
  8. Annual report of organization
  9. Government or agencies reports

These are summary of sources for literature to review in a project/research

Library: Library is a home of book both printed and non-printed copy. Just visit a credible literary such as one in your school (Academic Literary), National Library (Abuja) State Library, Private or special library depend on you are searching.

Borrow: You can borrow books and other materials from friends, family even teachers if you consider that they have such materials.

Internet: this is the most recent source of literature for project especially in Nigeria because the internet contains millions of academic database and other valuable sources of information including journals and blogs. Just search you key words appropriately.

Newspapers and Magazines: Newspapers and magazines are good sources of literature and data for a research. Newspaper offers news and other information that researcher can borrow ideas from. In fact, those doing content analysis use newspaper often.

Journal and Conference Papers: Researches and write ups published in a journal or presented at a conference offers valuable materials for a research. In fact, it offers empirical information for new researchers who may want to know what has been done in the area.  

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