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How to Write Project Proposal (2023)

(Last Updated On: 3rd March 2023)

Introduction/ How to Write Project Proposal

Project proposal otherwise research or thesis proposal often come after a problem  or a topic has been approved for a student. It is the proposal that will persuade and convince the project supervisor whether the supervisee is capable enough to handle the research or not.  Therefore, a research proposal is an editable blueprint of how a research will be conceptualized and operationalized, i.e what is the problem to solve, why is it considered a problem and how to solve it.   

A proposal is thus define as a persuasive document or outline on how a problem can be solved logically. It sells a project to sponsors, supervisor and stakeholders depends on the nature and purpose of the research. It should be noted that though, each school, college, department or supervisor has their peculiar format and style yet all proposal attempt to answer the following questions.

  1. What’s the problem you’re trying to solve?
  2. What is the objectives of the study?
  3. Who will benefit from the study?
  4. What are the benefits for the user?
  5. What is the time frame, what are the deadlines and how do you plan to meet them?
  6. What are the resources you’ll need to get the project done on time?
  7. How do you conceptualize your variables?
  8. What theories/models are relevant?
  9. What research method to employ?
  10. Who are my population and their size?
  11. What sampling technique to use?
  12. What sampling size will represent enough?
  13. What instrument to collect my data?
  14. What method to analysis my data? etc

In short, your research proposal should explain how you want to conceptualize your variables and operationalize it.


Download A Sample here of A Project Proposal

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