The research examined the influence of media management  of radio station. The study was anchored on three management theories which are Behavioural and Human Relations Management Theories, Fredrick Taylor’s Scientific Management Theory and Contingency Theories. The survey research method was adopted in which 100 copies of questionnaires were administered to the respondents that were drawn within Parrot F.M. Ogbomosho using non-probability sampling technique (purposive sampling) out of which 90 copies were correctly filled and analyzed. The data were analyzed using frequency and percentage table method. Findings revealed that fund is the core problem facing Parrot F.M. Ogbomosho while it also lacks complete autonomy to operate as it operates as part of the university community. Another problem visible is the problem of staffing as many of the team are students. It is recommended that more fund is allotted while the university should give the radio a free hand to operate but in line with the objective in other to achieve success.             

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