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ABSTRACT: The research examines the impact of opinion leaders on the survival of Nigeria unity with a case study of Staffs of the Osun State University. Opinion leaders are one of the stakeholders in the diffusion and spreading of information. They have lots of influence on the members of the public. The study was anchored on Two-Step Flow of Communication which emphasized on the placed of opinion leaders in information flow in the society.  A survey research method was used while the data collection instrument for this study is a questionnaire. One of the findings showed that opinion leaders are still relevant and influential in this era despite the proliferation of media and the presence of the news media. Although, how people trust opinion leaders for information has changed to some extent because people can now verify such opinion or information these days. Similarly, opinion leaders are playing a crucial role in national unity and development greatly especially those that have political influence. It is recommended that opinion leaders should have a national interest in mind rather than promoting sectional or regionalism which can put the country apart.

Keywords: Opinion Leaders

WHAT TO EXPECT: (Chapter 1-5, Abstract, Table of Contents, Questionnaire and References)

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