The study examines the Impact of Radio in creating awareness on global warming with a specific focus on Emene community area of Enugu. The researcher used survey research design in the collection of data because it is easier to sought people’s opinion using questionnaire. Stratified sampling method was used to get the sample size for this study which is 150. Data gathered from the study were analyzed, tested and interpreted using simple percentage, frequency tables and chi- square goodness of fit test which is used to test the hypothesis. The researcher was able to find out that majority of the respondents own radio set and listen to Radio Nigeria Enugu weather report. It also influence them positively. The theory that led support to this work is the agenda setting theory. The researcher therefore recommends that programmes on global warming report should be aired with local languages so as to make the message more effective and understandable by people of such communities. This will go a long to enhancing the campaign on global warming. And also more airtime should be allocated to the broadcast or report on global warming by Radio Nigeria Enugu.

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