Sustenance of culture, value, norms, and other forms of socialization is core to human society and one of the easiest and effective ways to achieve it through mass media involvement especially radio and television.  Mass media particularly radio and television has been a major agent of mobilization, socialization and tools for social changes especially now that people depend on mass media for messages, instruction and information as agenda setter. The research therefore, aims at examining television particularly Nigeria Television Authority (NTA) as an agent of mass mobilization and social change among residents of Ajeromi Ifelodun local government area of Lagos state. At least many of the people in Ajeromi Ifelodun Local Government have access to one NTA channel or the other.  Television especially NTA has brought social change and mobilize Nigerians towards national issues such as elections, immunization, voting, outbreak of ebola etc. Larger percentage of the respondents strongly agreed that NTA has at one time or the other socialize, educate and mobilise them.  It is recommended that journalists should be training and retraining on their social responsibility role expected of them while government should also make laws and policies that will enable NTA performance effectively without government obstructive intervention.

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