This research revolved on the Impact of the Mass Media campaign in reducing malaria disease with a focus on the residents of Boripe local government area of Osun state. It is evident from the findings of this study that mass media especially radio and television are playing a very crucial role in reducing malaria and maternal death among people through regular sensitization and education programmes. Similarly, mass media is one of the major powerful tools of reducing malaria. Critical reviews to related literature were made. Relevant theories were used to gratify the study some of which include Social Responsibility Theory, 1947 Hutchins commission report on the role of the press in the society. However, while some members of the commission held fast to the libertarian ideals of a totally unregulated press, others favored some measure of regulation, fearing that the marketplace of ideas was “too vulnerable to subversion by antidemocratic forces”. Another theory was Source Credibility Theory which was postulated by Carl Hovland and Walter Weiss in 1951. One of the variables in a communication situation over which the communicator typically has some control is the choice of the source. Judging from many day-to-day examples of communication campaigns, there appears to be a widespread belief that having the right source can increase the effectiveness of a message. When you select an effective source to speak for your idea or product, you are essentially using the propaganda device of the testimonial. Quantitative research design was used in which cross-sectional survey method was adopted while the data collection instrument was questionnaire. Out of 150 administered questionnaires 130 were returned upon which the analysis was based. However, from the findings of the study, it is safe to conclude that mass media have been able to create enough awareness on malaria. Overwhelming percentage of the respondents got to know much about malaria through mass media campaign. Finally, it is recommended that mass media should put more effort on her socio responsibility of campaign on malaria and other diseases.


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