The research is on the thrust to appraise media preference among people of Ilesha East local government particularly in Bolorundoro, Imo, Fandansi, Anaye and Okesa areas respectively. The research was anchored on Perception Theory and Uses and Gratification Theory respectively which means that people in Ilesha use the media based on their need and there was no two people that share same gratifications at all time. Survey research method coupled with 200 copies of questionnaires were administered to respondents in Ilesa from which 180 copies were correctly filled and analysed using frequency and percentage table method with SPSS version 20. Findings show that respondents still prefer radio (28.3%) and television (36.1%) among other mass media of communication. Majority of the respondents were light viewers, readers and listeners because they spent at least 30 minutes to 6 hours exposing to their preferred medium at least on daily basis. It is recommended that media outfits whether traditional or social media outfits should from time to time review their contents/programmes by carrying out audience survey to know the perception of their audience since the hallmark of a programme/contents is the attention paid to it by the audience.

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