ABSTRACT: The research examined the influence of Baby Formulaadvertising on the buying habits of nursing mothers in Uyo with the core thrust to examine the extent at which television advertisment of baby formula influence the nursing mothers in Uyo to use the products as suppliments or substitute in feeding their children. The research is anchored on Psychodynamic Theory and Behaviour Theory to add depth to the research. The research adopted survey research method, with the structured questionnaire as the data collection instrument and 200 copies of the questionnaire were administered to the respondents out of which 193 copies were returned while only 179 copies were correctly filled which representing 89.5% response rate were analysed using frequency and percentage table method with SPSS version 20. Findings shows that nursing mothers in Uyo aware of the various baby formula or foods because  they have seen the advert on television or elsewhere but despite that they did not have in mind to use it as substitute.  Also, many parents wish to introduce the baby formula for their baby at a later time and they wish to feed their baby any food formula recommended by the expert. It is recommended that adevertisers should be objective and telling the truth about their product in terms of benefit and how best to use it rather than aiming at selling for profit and government through its agents should as a matter of fact discourage earlier baby formula introduction to infact through proper education and awareness. Also, further researchers are expected to triangulate survey with other research method such as Focus Group Discussion or Indepth Interview may be it could offer different result. 

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