The study seek out to examine the role of modern technology in achieving communication efficiency in broadcast media with much emphasis on the positive effects of new media (modern media) on the old media or traditional mass media in today’s practice especially in news gathering, writing, processing and dissemination. The new media which simply represented by the internet embedded with some facilities or applications like: electronic mail, social media, search engines, video sharing platform, digital camera, laptop, smartphones and lots more have changed the conventional face and practice in old mass media like: radio, television, newspaper and magazine not only in Nigeria but across the globe. In addition, the new media has made the receivers of message form part of the information collectors and distributors unlike in the past when only the media owners can send messages with little or no feedback. The research used Mediamorphosis theory, Source Credibility theory, Technological Determination theory and Diffusion of Innovation theory. Survey research method was adopted as a research method with the use of questionnaire to elicit responses from the 100 respondents selected from OSBC, osogbo. The data collected were analysed and interpreted using descriptive statistics (frequency and percentage method). Findings show that majority of the respondents are now using internet and other modern ICTs in gathering, processing and dissemination by gathering news online, interview people via skype, keeping video on google cloud etc. The media should move from analogue to digital technology in terms of news gathering, processing and dissemination. 

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