ABSTRACT: The study concerned with the finding out the role of Mass Media in conflict Resolution in the Society with Erin-Ile and Offa Crisis as a study. Research shows that mass media play a crucial role in society especially during crisis through educative and enlightenment programmes and adequate coverage of the latest gist as regards the situation, while mass media also partner with other stakeholders in ensuring that peace return to the two sides by keeping the police and other security informed while the media also try not to over state the situation so that people’s tension will not high unnecessarily. Therefore the study was divided into five chapters. Chapter one focuses on the background to the study, statement of the problem, research questions objective of the study, significance of study, scope of the study and it does not leave out the historical background of the case study. Chapter two however revolved on the meaning of mass media, forms of mass media, meaning of crisis, causes of crisis, effect of crisis, e. t. c.  Chapter three present the methodology through which this study was been carried out. Survey research method was adopted for the purpose of the study and questionnaire was used as the main instrument of eliciting information from the respondents, 100 copies were printed and distributed while 90 copies were retrieved.

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