ABSTRACT: The study which examined the challenges facing the media in the dissemination of information in Nigeria with a focus on Journalists in Lagos State. The study is anchored on social responsibility theory and democratic participant media theory respectively. This research employed a survey research method as a quantitative research to elicit responses from respondents that were drawn simple randomly. One hundred and twenty (120) copy of questionnaires were administered to 120 respondents as selected. Descriptive statistics with the frequency and percentage method was adopted to analyze responses. Findings showed that it is established that there are no much problems facing media in this era in terms of reporting and dissemination of information. Although, respondents highlighted some problem which includes lack of full freedom of information, the emergence of new technology and logistics issues. Findings show that the challenges highlighted above have little effect on how media gathered and disseminate information. Also, 67.8% of the respondents submitted that true freedom and access to information, media independence, integration of new media into their practice to meet up with emerging challenges are issues that need to be met to avert any future challenge that may pose reporting and disseminating challenges to the press. It was recommended that journalists should study the new freedom of information law and see how they can adapt to the new system. Media houses and media associations should as well educate, organize workshops and seminars for their staff on how to make use of the law in shaping the practice of journalism in this democratic era.


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challenges facing the media

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