The flexibility of radio makes it a unique tool in reaching diverse audience including those in rural area on socio-economy and political matters. It is on this notion that this examines the role of radio in mobilising electorate towards participating in 2016 Ondo state Governorship election in Akure. Survey research method was adopted coupled with 200 copies of questionnaires that were printed and administered to the respondents within Akure Township in which 192 copies were returned. The data were analyzed using frequency and percentage method. The research findings showed that mass media especially radio provides avenue for the citizens to get information about political activities, it did educate and sensitize masses on various activities such as voter card registration, how to handle voter’s card, what to wear during election, how to participate in political rally and campaign, to the activities on election day, coverage of election results, coverage of post-election activities like violence and tribunal. It is therefore recommended that there should be more radio to serve different taste and language and radio should be free from few influential politicians to avoid turning the media into tools of propaganda.

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