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(Last Updated On: 22nd November 2021)

The study focuses on mass media as tools for social development with a focus on Osun State Broadcasting Corporation. Mass media is one of the engines that propel the social development for its continuity and realization through: Informing, entertaining, and persuading. Mass media is a powerful tool for social change in any society. The study is anchored on developmental media theory and cultivation. The research adopted survey research method in carrying out the work. Simple random sampling method as a probability technique was used in selecting one hundred (100) respondents who answered the questions in the questionnaire out of which ninety (90) copies of questionnaires were retrieved for analysis. The data collected were analysed and interpreted using Descriptive Statistics (frequency and percentage). Findings show that majority of the respondents have access to both radio and television stations with the fact that both radio and television have brought social change to the people through social-cultural propagation programmes. It is recommended that media planners and those in charge of its control should emphasis on programmes and activities that will brings about development in terms of social, education, cultural and political matter.

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