ABSTRACT: Culture plays a crucial role in the formation, social development, socialization and entire personality composition of every member of a particular society. The research is thrust to examine cultural impact on girls education in some selected communities in Arochukwu local government area of Abia state. Survey research methodology was used coupled with 200 respondents who were mainly women between the age of 15 and elected through non-probability sampling method. 180 copies of questionnaires were returned for analysis, the frequency and percentage method of data analysis was used. It was noted that if education of girls or female child is subsidized or free it will motivate many willing children even the unwilling will be forced to school. While raising national awareness in girl-child education and increase political and financial commitment through advocacy and sensitization of policy makers at all levels, as well as parents, school authorities, other leaders and girls’ themselves.

girls education

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girls education

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