The audiovisual nature of television makes it mirrors reality and is capable of influencing the psychological perspective of children and adolescents because children tend to cultivate what they watch on television according to George Gerbner. Base on this assertion that this research examined the effectiveness of music in indomie noodles jingle on children. The theory that led support for this study was Cultivation Theory. A Survey research method was adopted with to elicit responses from respondents. The data collected were analyzed using frequency and percentage method.  The results indicated that larger percentage of children watched Indomie advert and like eating indomie. It was recommended that advert should be structured in such a way that will not deceive children and it should perform the same functions as advertised to children while APCON should be mindful of the need to protect the public from deceitful and moral advertisements i.e advertisers should have respect for the minors by telling the truth in their message to avoid cheating under age.

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