Place of Photographs in Magazine and Newspaper Production


The research examined the Place of Photographs in Magazine and Newspaper Production: An Appraisal of Tell Magazine and Sun Newspaper. The research is anchored on Souce Credibility Theory and Agenda Setting Theory. The researcher employed the use of survey method alongside the use of questionnaire while eliciting data from the selected respondents. The research is divided into five main chapters. It is obvious that photographs place a very prominent role in newspaper and the world of print media in general. It communicates messages even to the illiterates. A newspaper and magazine without the use of photograph will be noting but look like a letter or text book and such publication cannot interest readers. Also, photographs draw the attention of the reader to the most prominent news and issue especially when placed at the front page of a newspaper and magazine. In fact, the headline scanners and photo scanner always find it easy to know the most important news of the day. Without messing word, photographs communication message than what a thousand words can tell.



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