This project examines the Impact of television advertising in promoting the sales of MTN products in Enugu metropolis. Survey research method was used for the study and purposive sampling technique was used to draw a sample size of 200 from residents in Enugu metropolis. Research findings showed that MTN adverts on television have greatly impacted in promoting sales of MTN products in Enugu metropolis and a great number of the residents in Enugu metropolis strongly believe in MTN advert messages. In conclusion, television advertising has indeed connected MTN to Nigerians especially Enugu residents, by helping to create the initial awareness of their services, thereby promoting the demand and purchase of the company‟s product. Based on these findings, the study recommended that MTN-NG advertising unit should always conduct a research to help them reduce risk to a manageable proportion. To this end, the researcher recommended MTN-NG should in testify efforts in nourishing good customer‟s relationship and carry out research from time to time to find out new desires of their customers and ways to meet up in order to reduce risk to a manageable proportion. The research suggested that further studies should be carried out on the impact of MTN adverts in Newspapers, Magazines, and on Radio and the Internet.

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