This study “Influence of ICTs on news writing, a study of practising journalists in Owerri municipal council” has the positive impact on news writing and reporting because the advent of modern technology has really done a great thing in our country. It is relevant to journalism practice because every technological breakthrough brings with its new audience, new orientation, new prospects and challenges. For an organisation to effectively sell its products to an audience efficiently and effectively, it must have an efficient and adequate information technologies and corresponding knowledge of their uses. The objective of the study is to ascertain the influences of ICTs on journalism practice. It explored the impact of the technologies in news and information reportage. However, the research method used in the study is the survey research method on practising journalists. The sampling technique used was the purposive sampling technique which is the non-probability sampling technique, also the sample size was determined using the Taro Yamane’s formula (1964) which was 122. It used questionnaire to generate data and chi-square to test the hypothesis. The findings showed that Owerri based practising journalists were aware of ICTs, have access to ICTs and therefore make use of ICTs. ICTs have positive impact on news and information reportage. It recommends that capacity building is essential in the exposure of media practitioners to the requirements of technologies.

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