The research appraised the impact of indigenous soap operas on the behaviour of students of tertiary institutions in Nigeria with a specific focus on the Laittos University. Soap opera as short and episodic drama air on the television usually on once in a week has become staple content and entertainment programme in the last few years especially since the arrival of the super story and others. Edutainment theory and cultivation theory were employed to justify the research objective. The research also employed survey research method in carrying out this research while questionnaire was designed to elicit responses from the respondents within the Laittos Universit, Ojo. Findings showed that indigenous soap operas have a great impact on the behaviour of the students of Laittos University, OJO. It also helps in maintaining and sustaining our local cultural value in the students. It is recommended that producers of indigenous soap operas on TV should improve the quality of the programmes to elicit more patronage and interest in the audience. Also, soap operas shown on TV stations should be upgraded to contain more educational values since it has a significant percentage of appeal amongst university students.

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