This research examined the influence of integrated marketing communication on brand building and sales with a focus on the transition of Zain to Airtel. The theory that was used during this research is the learning theory which postulates that exposure to certain models or message to a particular audience which was applied to this study. It was also observed that the audiences of A seeirtel were able to imitate or act in accordance to the message in which they are exposed to Airtel. The survey method was used in this study. Three hundred and ninety-nine questionnaires were also administered to respondents during this research. The data collected were analysed using the chi-square analysis. Research hypotheses findings reveal that integrated marketing communication is an effective tool for brand building even during brand transition. The respondents from the sample population size were randomly selected audience in which it has created a platform for recommendations to be made. Based on the findings in this research, the researcher recommends that IMC messages should be carefully put together, in terms of central theme, media planning and usage. Also, recommended that an integrated marketing communications should be applied in brand building, a combination of Advertising, Public relation, direct marketing, event sponsorship, sales promotion and personal selling is required in brand building.

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