The research examined Influence of birth spacing Campaigns on the Knowledge and Practices among Rural Women with a case study of Ugbawka Community, Enugu State. In carrying out this research, the researchers adopted survey method coupled with questionnaires administered to the selected respondents in Ugbawka community area of the Enugu state. Findings have shown that mass media played a crucial role in creating awareness and knowledge on the concept of birth-spacing or child-spacing through its various programme on family planning, contraceptive usage and many more. The background to the study, objectives of the study, research questions, scope of the study, significance of the study, limitations to the study and some terminologies of the basic words were reviews in the introductory chapter, while scholarly writing papers, journals and books in the area of child-spacing, birth-spacing, family planning, benefits of birth-spacing, challenges of birth-spacing were reviewed carefully. Also, survey research methodology was adopted and 100 copies of questionnaires were printed and distributed to100 respondents selected within Ugbakwa community of Enugu state of which 90 copies of questionnaires were returned. Similarly, responses from respondents were analyzed and interpreted. It is deduced that child-spacing will reduce stress in the family, promote healthy children, promotes healthy mother and safe cost of living in the family. Also, majority of the family use 2 years age gap between their children. Furthermore, the major challenge facing women in Ugbakwa community on the effective use of child-spacing techniques is poverty, social class, religion influence, high level of illiteracy, superstition and inadequate information on the benefits of child-spacing or birth spacing, while it is also established that the attitude of families in Ugbawka community towards child-spacing is partially positive. It is recommended that waiting at least 2–3 years between pregnancies to reduce infant and child mortality, and also to benefit maternal health.

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