This study examined the importance of political cartoons on newspaper readers. Political cartoons for newspapers are indispensible. It is a visual medium that engages the audience, helps them understand and interpret the political, social and economic scene in the country and the world. The political cartoons lately have gained much importance and have raised standing in a newspaper. Political cartooning is essential for a newspaper to put out a point of view, which may differ from one of its own Agenda Setting Theory was used in this study. Cartoons that can help them understand the mood of the country benefit people. Quantitative research design was used in which cross-sectional survey method was adopted while the data collection instrument was questionnaire. Findings showed that the impact of cartoons is widespread on our lives and how we use them in our conversations, in our dealings even in the beliefs we have. Cartoons have over the years helped establish and sustained our attention to political satire and look at the lighter side of thing without reducing it to a laughing matter. It is therefore recommended that further studies on this problem should be based on psychological and sociological implications of cartoons.  

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