ABSTRACT: The research is set out to examine the impact of radio broadcasting on rural development with a particular focus on Anaye Community in Ilesha. All over the world, radio is known to be a very powerful tool for development. In Nigeria today, we have so many radio stations but most of our rural communities are still under developed. This research therefore, aimed at finding out some other roles which the radio is supposed to play in order to facilitate the development of our rural communities. Since the radio is by no means a small instrument for community development, it is important that the government and other well to do Nigerians should lend a helping hand to the radio stations to help them carry out these roles of their for greater achievement. Survey research method was adopted with questionnaire to elicits data from respondents within Anaye community Ilesa. It is therefore recommended that for community radio to be able to play this important and significant role in community development, it must keep out of politics and religion and highlight on gender issues.


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