The study examined the impact of the mobile phone usage on agricultural information among Ojo farmers. A study of Agric information dissemination among Ojo farmer, Ojo Local Government Area. Using a survey of five villages in Ojo town, Ojo local government area of Benue State. This research also finds that the following problems are associated with the use of mobile phones – poor network services, high charges, network congestion, power failure and reduction interconnectivity. The study is anchored on the diffusion of innovation theory which excludes that mobile phone have generally improved farmers in the farming system. It recommends that Nigeria communications commission should set a standard for the mobile phone operators in Nigeria with regards to signal strength, voice quality, successful recharge and balance inquiry call centre operations and call success rate to improve services. This study recommends that the chairman of Ojo local government area should provide a frequent power supply for the Ojo town, also the extension workers should pay serious attention to the information needs of the farmers.

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