The study examined newspaper readership in Ilorin metropolis especially at the free readers’ joints in Post Office Area, Emirs’ Road Oja Oba Sobi Junction Garage with the intention to know why people gather every morning to know the latest information, locally and nationally and how the newspapers contents they are reading are affecting and influencing them. The study is anchored on Agenda Setting and Individual Difference Theory. Cross sectional survey research method is used while 120 copies of questionnaires were administered to respondents using quota sampling technique, out of which 108 copies were turned for analysis. The data collected were analysed using descriptive statistics (frequency and percentage method). Findings show that majority of respondents pay attention to political, security, terrorism, sports and business matters more than any other items in the newspapers. Also, majority of the respondents do pay token between 20-100 to read as many newspaper free as possible with only few actually buying the copy. The challenge attributed to free reading is fund to buy newspaper everyday. It is recommended that newspaper salary of workers and pay as at when due.    


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