Effective communication is one of the pillars that sustain an organization, so it cannot be underestimated and any attempt to toy with this; breeds conflicts, poor performance and could degenerate into strike actions thereby affect the revenue of the organization while it could prone an organization to fall fit of competitors as they could take advantage of that. It is on this notion that the research examined communication as a tool for enhancing organizational performance so as to make the observation more empirical. Grunig and Hunt Models of Public Relations and Shannon and Weaver Model were used to justify the relevant of communication in an organization. Survey method was used with questionnaires and Personal Interview adopted as instruments for data collection. For the purpose of clarity and understanding of results data was analyzed in simple tables and percent ages as chi-square (χ2) was used as statistical measuring instrument for the study. Result shows that there is effective communication in Nigerian Breweries Plc though the communication is still up-downward. The research recommends that managers should provide platforms harvest feedback and work on the feedback this will help achieve success just is stated under two ways asymmetric model.    


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