The research examined the influence of reality TV show on brand image using MTN Project Fame as a case study. MTN Project Fame is one of the strategies adopted to improve the image and enhanced the contribution of MTN to the hosting nation, by organizes different activities, programme and sporting events such as: “MTN Project Fame”, “Who wants to be a Millionaire” among other as give back strategies to improve corporate image. Quantitative research design was used while the data collection instrument was questionnaire. Since cross-sectional survey method was employed to elicit data from the students of University of Lagos, Akoka who were believed to be regular viewers of the MTN project fame. One hundred and twenty (120) copies of questionnaire were administered and all the copies were retrieved immediately as the researcher monitor its distribution very well while the information elicited from participants were encoded and input into SPSS version 20. Tables, frequencies and simple percentages were the statistical tools adopted for the presentation and analysis of data so obtained. It is obtained that the programme command large viewership among the population, with 78.3% supported this assertion while it was established that MTN Project Fame promotes MTN brand image. It is recommended that MTN should extend the show beyond the city media to the rural or community television stations in order to catch the attention of the rural dwellers as well.



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