The research was set out to examine the challenges of television broadcasting in a democratic dispensation with a case study of NTA, Jos. It is observed that access to government information is more visible under democratic administration than during military which prohibits the press from accessing government information and as a result of this; the press is able to exercise its constitutional role as stated in chapter 2 sections 22 of the 1999 constitution. The researcher adopted a survey method and NTA, Jos was selected as a case study while a simple random sampling technique was also adopted in selecting respondents. Also, the frequency and percentage method of data analysis was used. It is clear that NTA and other press are able to criticize the government under a democratic government. Press has no access to government information under democracy. It is recommended that media houses and media associations should organize workshops and seminars for their staff on how to make use of the new freedom of information law (FOI) in shaping the practice of journalism in this democratic era.

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