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(Last Updated On: 13th December 2022)

ABSTRACT: The research apprised broadcast media as a means of disseminating agricultural information to farmers in Obokun Local Government Area of Osun State.  In a country like Nigeria, Malaysia and India, where literacy level is low, the choice of communication media is of vital importance. In this regard, television and radio are significant, as they transfer modern agricultural technology to literate and illiterate farmers alike even in interior areas, within a short time to enlighten farmers on the use of various technologies to boost agricultural development. In this paper, an attempt is made to deal about the importance of radio and television and their effect in the field of agriculture through sound communication. Diffusion of Innovation, Agenda-Setting Theory, and Source Credibility theories were used to justify the relevance of the broadcast media in agricultural information, especially to the rural dwellers. However, the researcher adopted a survey method in carrying out this research with 120 administered questionnaires to the selected respondents within the council area via a multi-stage sampling technique. The data collected were analyzed and interpreted using descriptive statistics. Findings show that the people of Obokun local government are having access to at least two (2) television stations and at least 3-4 radio stations. Larger percentage said they listen to agricultural programmes on broadcast media to some extent. Radio and television should mobilize the community to the best agriculture practices through appropriate message and information needed to boost agricultural awareness among people while it is also expected of the broadcast media to translate agricultural information into users’ local language that farmers can digest and understand. 


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