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ABSTRACT: The study examined branding as a tool for increasing sales volume of a business organization with a study of Cadbury Nigeria Plc, Lagos state. Brand could either be a name, sign, symbol or design that differentiate a product, service or company from competitors for the customers to make purchase based on experience , no wonder it is said to enhance sales volume of an organization. Thus, the research was anchored on Individual Difference Theory. Also, the study used survey research method while the data collection instrument was questionnaire. Also, the researcher used 100 respondents drawn using purposive sampling method. That data were analyzed and interpreted using descriptive statistics (frequency and percentage). Findings show that, a popular brand name such as Cadbury particularly its Bournvita has become an household name which is been used as a synonyms for all tea or beverages in the market. It is study recommends that a good name worth more than gold i.e a good brand name is a plus to the overall success of a business not only on sale volume. Brand image is core to the public relations departments and the entire firm, so the workers should imbibe the public relations philosophy in all they are doing.

Keyword: Branding

WHAT TO EXPECT: (Format: MS WORD, Chapter 1-5, Abstract, Table of Contents, Questionnaire and References)

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