Television is one of the powerful agents of socialization where people cultivate some habits because it mirrors reality. One of the ways television stations achieve this is though reality television show. This kind of show has influenced people especially the adolescents on their day to day activities including their decisions and attitudes towards dealing with real life encounters. The research thus assesses reality TV show on broadcasting station audience while the paper is anchored on cultivation theory and uses and gratifications theory. Survey research is used with questionnaire to elicit responses from the respondents that were purposively selected from AIT and audience. The collected data were analysed using descriptive statistics (frequency percentage with tables). It is very clear that most of the reality shows like “Big Brother Africa” “Who wants to be a Millionaire” and host of others influence the actions, reactions and behaviours of the viewers, it also influence viewers to use it to mould their real life activities. Although, it is argued that some of the reality show at time send wrong signals to the viewers especially the adolescent if the programme involve lots of drug, illicit sex, violence and others. It is recommended that broadcast houses should be conscious of their contents especially if the concept is from the west to prevent our culture from being battered out of existence.

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