The study is set out to examine the attitude and perception of people in Lagos metropolis towards transit advertisment. it should be noted that advertising campaign through moving objects have long been in existence and become more very popular in this era of digital printing with digital stickers and digital devices such as car and bus mounted outdoor LED. Do people actually pay attention to such advertisement and if they do, does it influence their buying habit like others, these and some other reasons warranted this paper to study the attitude and perception of people living in Lagos Metropolis towards transit advertisement which is an outdoor medium of advertising especially in the cities like Lagos, Abuja and Porthacourt. The research was anchored on Perception Theory, Diffusion of Innovation Theory and Recency Theory. Survey research method as a quantitative method was adopted for this study. Questionnaire was used to elicit responses from the respondents that were drawn. The research use Probability and Non-probability sampling techniques. Probability gives every member of the population or sampling fame equal chance of been selected. However, two local governments were simple randomly selected i.e Ikeja and Ikorodu local government after which respondents were chosen in each locations base on convenience while 150 female and another 150 male respondents making 300 respondents that were selected. The number of retrieved copies of questionnaire was 252, representing 84% response rate. Findings show that people in Lagos metropolis attach great importance to transit advertisement; hence influences their perception and attitude in the way they responds to the advertisement placed in and outside buses and other mobile means of transportation. The researcher recommends that since the primary aim of advertisement is to promote and sell goods and services. Advertisers should ensure that the ultimate aim of their products be indicated so that the target audience will need no further explanation of the benefits inherent in the particular goods and services.

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