The paper examines the mass media reportage of crusade against Boko haram. The insurgence of Boko Haram has since been a threat to national security. The study became essential because of the atmosphere in which the Nigerian media found itself as a watchdog caught in the midst of political, ethnicity and religious divide. The research is justified by the Social Responsibility and Agenda Setting theories respectively. The study adopted survey research method and elicit data via questionnaire to the respondents that were simple randomly drawn from the Nigerian Tribune and NTA Channel 5 Lagos. 95 copies of questionnaires were perfectly filled and returned for analysis. The collected data were analyzed and interpreted in the table using frequency and percentage method. Findings show that mass media reports about terrorism were creating tension as the emphasis has been made on attacks more that many important activities. The research recommends that journalists should as a matter of national security must not write or broadcast unguided utterances of security agents with regards to logistical plans to root out criminals and terrorists from our civilized society.

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