The study examines information communication technology and changes in mass media productions and distribution in TV Continental (TVC) in consonance with Technological Determinism and Diffusion of Innovation Theories. Survey research method was adopted as a quantitative research method with questionnaire used to elicit data from the 150 respondents selected from TVC through simple random sampling technique while the data collected were analyzed using frequency and percentage method.  Findings showed that news gathering and dissemination, photo editing, video editing, commercial jingles, cartoons, and animations are some of the areas in which the ICTs have been felt in TVC and journalism generally. Also, the findings showed that modern communication technologies have made journalism practice more lively and interactive and more effective. It is recommended that media practitioners should not see Information and Communication Technology as evil but rather as a blessing to journalism while journalists and other staffs are trained and retrained to meet up with the emerging technology and platforms.


Extraction is an abstract of this topic

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