The essence of this study is to appraise the relevance of the print media in the electioneering process in Nigeria. The paper used Agenda Setting Theory to justify the significance of print media in determining what the electorate know about party candidates, manifestoes and other political activities such as voting process, rule etc. Survey method was adopted to generate the needed data while 120 copies of questionnaires were printed and administered to 120 respondents selected using accidental sampling method to pick respondents within the three senatorial districts in Lagos state. The data analysis technique used was frequency and percentage method with table. The findings revealed that print media played a unique role in governorship election in Lagos State on various political matters ranging from how to participate in politics, how to register during voters; how to cast their votes on election day and what to do and say after election e. t. c. The research recommends that newspapers should be free from few influential politicians to avoid turning the paper into tools of propaganda.


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