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(Last Updated On: 13th December 2022)

ABSTRACT: The study examines the influence of graphics on newspaper patronage with focus on the Punch newspaper. Graphics particularly  photographs play a very prominent role in a newspaper and in the print media generally. It communicates messages even to the illiterates. Findings show that graphics draw the attention of readers to the most prominent news and issue especially when placed at the front page of a newspaper while it also used to set agenda on what public will debate upon that day. In fact, the headline scanners and graphics scanner always find it easy to know the most important news of the day. Without much emphasis, graphics communicate message than what a thousand words could tell. For the purpose of this paper, the researcher employed the use of a survey method. The data collection instrument used is questionnaire in eliciting data from the respondents. Findings show that respondents easily remember the news that is accompanied by graphics and graphics enticed and persuaded readers to read or buy newspapers because it beautifies and adds aesthetic values to the newspaper pages. It is also recommended that print media should always use only important graphics that can tell their stories with ambiguity. 

Keywords: Graphics on Newspaper


WHAT TO EXPECT: (Format: MS WORD, Chapter 1-5, Abstract, Table of Contents, Questionnaire and References)

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