Newspaper circulation is gradually on the decline with newspapers organizations now sold fewer copies daily. The problems are not far-fetched as the majority of Nigerian readers are poor in reading and financing, thereby finding it difficult to buy a copy of the newspaper at the rate of 150-200 naira daily. They resulted to look for a newspaper stand to read free or pay just a token amount of 20 to 50 naira to read as many newspapers as possible. Another contributing factor is the fact that people can now read news on a daily basis online. The  study was anchored on Uses and Gratifications to give more depth to the study. The study employed a cross-sectional survey research method to elicit data from the respondents while questionnaire was an instrument to collect data. One hundred and twenty respondents (120) were drawn through non-probability sampling method ( purposive sampling). Findings show that majority of the respondents attributed high level of illiterate and cost of newspapers as major reasons for poor newspaper circulation and buying while many submitted that the price of newspapers is the reason for poor purchase among readers. It is recommended that the government should increase the salary of workers so that the majority of them can afford to buy at least a copy of a newspaper every day.

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