The core objective of this research was to examine the influence of violence movies on children and adolescent social behaviour. According to Gerbner says heavy Tv viewers will cultivate the perception of reality portrayed by the television i.e Heavy viewing of violence movies among children and adolescent tend to arouse violence behaviour or attitude in children. Other theories used include but not limited to the cultivation theory, learning theory, aggressive cue theory, catharsis theory and behaviour theory was used to substantiate the conceptual and empirical studies. Survey research method was adopted in which 200 respondents majorly children in primary 3 – 6 were drawn using accidental sampling technique. 200 copies of questionnaires were administered and 193 copies were retrieved upon which the analysis revolved. The data collected was analysed and interpreted using frequency and percentage method with tables. It was recommended that parents should as a matter of fact monitor the television viewing habits of their children and determine their watching hour and contents.

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