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ABSTRACT: The study investigated the influence of cooking shows in educating women in their food preparation with a focus on Maggi Star Kitchen, Bon Appetit and Olowosibi shows. The study was anchored on Source Credibility Theory and Uses and Gratifications Theory. A survey research method was adopted while questionnaire was used to elicit responses from respondents in Lagos. Respondents were selected through accidental sampling technique. The data were analysed in descriptive statistics (frequency and percentage). Findings show that majority of the respondents admitted that Maggi Star Kitchen has enhanced their cooking and food preparation. While many respondents submitted that they have learnt new approach to some food preparation via Maggi Star Kitchen, Bon Appetit and Olowosibi but the major challenge facing women in Lagos in translating what they watch in Maggi Star Kitchen, Bon Appetit and Olowosibi into their daily food preparation or menu was as a result of the level of income, hustle and bustle nature of the city, little or no access to some of ingredients used on the show within their localities etc. it was recommended that 24 hours private television station should be established to dwell only on cooking, food, menu and other related aspect alone rather than all-in-one channels we are having in Nigeria, good examples of such television stations are MasalaTV, ZaiqaTV, and ZaukTV. The Hum Network Limited (HNL) just like that of Pakistan because it is a human interest show.



1.1     Background to the Study

Cooking show or cookery programme is a television genre that presents food preparation in a kitchen studio set. Typically the show’s host, often a celebrity chef, prepares one or more dishes over the course of an episode, taking the viewing audience through the food’s inspiration, preparation, and stages of cooking. Also, such shows often portray an educational component, with the host teaching the viewers how to prepare different meals, but some (such as Chopped, Iron Chef or Junior Masterchef) are competitions that are primarily for entertainment.

Similarly, Oyekanmi (2006:4) defines television as is a medium combining both sound and visual sent from a station through a wireless means to the receiving set. The beginning of television is linked with scientific invention that is, those who did not have any knowledge of its social importance such as education, information and entertainment.

Television is an electronic device used to receive sound and images which create television programme that people can watch. However, Television is considered the most effective means of communication; it is also very powerful and popular medium. It is said that television has altered our world. It influences the minds of people and also changes our perception about life style ranging from from culture, politics, sport to the kitchen. A good example is “My Kitchen” a television programme on NTA designed to teach and educate women on foods and cooking in general.

Without doubt television is one of the engines that propel the social development for its continuity and realization through: Informing, entertaining, and persuading. Television is a powerful tool for social change in any society.

Women, including adolescents, young adults and mothers, are primarily responsible for food preparation functions within the home environment. It is obvious that such programme “my Kitchen” attracted their attention than man because it enhances their cooking and food preparation skills. Also, mothers are the primary role models and teachers of cooking and food preparation skills across age and socioeconomic groups (SES), followed by school-based education.

Suhail, et. al. (2012) said television kitchen programme has increased knowledge about food and diversified menus. Housewives, who previously used to frown upon cooking, are now taking delight in mastering this art. The numerous food channels with their chefs and experts have become food gurus, transferring their skills conveniently to every person desiring to spruce up their dinner, diversifying dining tables with an assortment of food both local and international, and reforming eating habits along the way.      It is against this backdrop that the research x-rays the extent which NTA Programme My Kitchen has impacted in educating women in Lagos in their food menu and preparation.

1.2    Statement of the Problem

The research examines the influence of NTA programme Maggi Star Kitchen” in educating women in Lagos on their food preparation. Epileptic power supply rocking Nigeria society has denied so many communities especially rural ones to have access to Maggi Star Kitchen. It is not clear whether women in Lagos watch Maggi Star Kitchen on NTA. Television been an audio-visual medium persuade people more than any other mass media. The high level of stress and poverty among Nigerian women particularly women Lagos did not influence them to change their menu since most of the foods prepare on the television are relatively expensive.

It is against this backdrop that the research investigates the extent which NTA Programme “Maggi Star Kitchen” have impacted in educating women in Lagos in their food preparation.

1.3     Objectives of the Study

  1. To find out the extent to which the Maggi Star Kitchen show has enhanced the cooking and food preparation of families in Lagos.
  2. To determine whether women are learning a new approach to some food preparation through Maggi Star Kitchen.

1.4     Research Questions

  1. To what extent has Maggi Star Kitchen programme enhanced cooking and food preparation among families in Lagos?
  2. Do women learn a new approach to some food preparation with Maggi Star Kitchen?

1.5      Scope of the study

The research which investigative the influence of NTA Programme  “Maggi Star Kitchen” in educating women in their food preparations have been narrowed down in scope to the women in Lagos.

However, one hundred (100) respondents mainly women will be selected purposefully from Lagos metropolis due to the large number women population, time available for this work, inadequate fund, the nature and geographical structure of Lagos city and other considerable logistics. Despite the scope, the findings from the study will be generalized on all women in Lagos and Nigeria in general.

1.6     Significance of the study

This study, hopefully will help to identify the influence of “Maggi Star Kitchen” NTA programmes on the food menu and preparation of women in Lagos metropolis.

The result and findings will enhance NTA to improve on the lapses of the programmes to suit more women.

It will bring to the fore the effective and importance of television programmes in achieving the much-desired delicious and nutritious foods with less money.

It will also enable NTA stations to understand and appreciate its areas of weakness and strength with a view to improve on them so as to serve their coverage jurisdiction and nation better.

Findings of this research will serve as a good literature for both scholars and students of mass communication and others who might want to carry out similar or related research in the future.

Media houses will also learning the nature of programme that can enhance and capture the attention of women and how to schedule.

1.7     Operational Definition of the Terms

Influence: It refers to the contribution or influence which My kitchen programme on has on women food menu.

Maggi Star Kitchen: These refer to the show on NTA where foods are prepared and analyzed for the viewing pleasure of women.  

Broadcasting: This is the means of making and sending out radio programmes and is also the process of talking to the audience about something.


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