Radio is one of the means to get information across the length and breadth of the society because of its flexibility in presenting health matters, no wonder this research examines the influence of family planning radio programme on young couples in Osogbo metropolis to know if programmes on family planning actually tells on their re-procreation arrangement. Survey research method was adopted in this research coupled with 200 copies of questionnaires that were administered to the selected couples in Osogbo, the capital of Osun state, Southwest Nigeria in which 192 copies were returned for anlaysis. The result shows that mass media especially radio and television played crucial roles in creating, informing, educating and sensitizing couples on child spacing, family planning, maternal mortality, and infant mortality among others via special programmes that are designed and dedicated to achieve such goal. It was evident that (Ifeto-Somo bibi) Child-spacing or family planning reduces stress in the family, promote healthy children, promote healthy mother and safe cost of living in the family. Similarly, larger percentage of the couples use 2 years age gap between their children. It is recommended that waiting at least 2–3 years between pregnancies to reduce infant and child mortality, and also to benefit maternal health is a good practice.


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