The research examined the attitude of University of Lagos students towards online shopping with case study of Jumia, Konga and Olx respectively. Survey research method was used coupled with 200 respondents that were drawn among the students of Unilag, Akoka Lagos of which 193 copies were returned. Findings show that with advancement in technology particularly social networking and online stores, it has facilitated online shopping among the youth whereas, Lack of trust, absent of physical interaction and fair of being deceived and duped have been identified as some of the challenges facing online shopping all over the world especially in Africa and Nigeria in particular because it is relatively new to them. Probability sampling technique through multi stage sampling was used to select 5 faculties out of 12 faculties in Unilag using simple random selection and in each faculty selected, 1 department was drawn and in each department selected 200 level and 400 level students were chosen. Therefore 20 respondents were drawn from 200 level and another 20 respondents from 400 level making 40 respondents that were drawn from each department using systematic sampling technique. The data collected were analysed and interpreted using Descriptive Statistics particularly frequency percentage table with the aids of SPSS. It was recommended that Online payment for products and services such as money perfect, credit card, debit card, online signed cheque and other should be protected while many easier payment options should be designed to make online payment easier, effective and fraudulent free.

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